Anglin Analytics is primarily a developer of mobile apps for iOS devices.  Our projects focus on applications that interface the device with the physical world.  Specific areas of expertise include:


Location services

Tracking the location of a device is more complicated than it sounds.  To do so accurately while without draining the battery while still respecting user's privacy is tricky, and we do it well.

camera services

The camera on iOS devices has become the most popular camera in the world.  We have developed expertise in using the camera for more than just taking photographs. We have specific expertise in using the camera to quickly and accurately scan a variety of bar code formats and take action based on those scans.


We are experienced using iOS devices to interface to web-based services and communicating with the outside world through voice, SMS, and email services.




Web Services

We have developed a number of web-based applications that include REST-based services.  Our areas of expertise include:


Node.js is our preferred back-end development system.  Node provides the rapid development and performance we need to develop responsive applications.  


Angular is our preferred front-end system.  Angular allows us to use Javascript on both the front and back-end systems, speeding the development process.  Angular also allows us to develop clean and concise front-end code that is easy to maintain.


Mongo has recently become our preferred database system.  Mongo's flexibility and expandability allows us to rapidly implement solutions that perform well and scale easily.

Other useful tools

We use a variety of languages and technologies including Python, PHP, Javascript, Twilio (for voice and SMS), iCloud, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, Parse, Express, and numerous open-source tools.