MimioBoard Touch

It's a big deal.

Finally, an affordable interactive whiteboard that supports writing with your finger.

Or a stylus.

Go ahead, use your fingers.  We don't mind.

And with all the power of MimioStudio software behind it, the MimioBoard Touch is the most affordable, most capable touch enabled interactive whiteboard ever.

Only $1550*



The Mimio of touch enabled interactive whiteboards.

The MimioBoard Touch brings finger interactivity to an affordable level.  Like all Mimio products, it is easy-to-use, affordable, and supported by a world-class organization.

More Touch Capability, More Collaboration

  • Includes MimioStudio™ classroom software, to easily create and deliver engaging lessons.
  • Up to 6 single-touch users or 3 dual-touch and gestures users can work together interactively at the same time, increasing student engagement and driving collaborative learning.
  • Lessons come to life in stunning quality on this projection-optimized Porcelain-on-Steel surface.
  • The lightweight touch board typically installs in less than 10 minutes with the included mounting brackets.
  • Completely integrated with other MimioClassroom™ products, including our MimioMobile™ app for collaboration and assessment.

How large is the MimioBoard Touch?

The MimioBoard Touch comes in two sizes - 87 inches diagonal and 78 inches diagonal.

Does it require a projector?

To use the interactive features of the MimioBoard Touch, a projector is required.  For best results, we recommend the MimioProjector ultra-short-throw projector.

Why does it have a stylus?

Some students prefer a stylus to using their finger.  Either will work.

Can I write on the MimioBoard Touch with a dry-erase marker?

Yes!  The MimioBoard Touch uses a high-quality Porcelain-on-Steel surface that is perfect to use as a standard whiteboard.

How many fingers does it track?

The MimioBoard Touch tracks up to 6 points at a time.  With the innovative Touch 360 tracking system, all points are tracked independently.

How can I find out more about the MimioBoard Touch?

Contact us or use the links below.


*  $1,550 is the educational price for the 78" MimioBoard Touch.  This price is only available to qualified educational customers and requires approval from Mimio.