Welcome to Anglin Analytics

We are a group of highly experienced programmers dedicated to developing state-of-the-art solutions to real world problems.  Of particular interest are projects that integrate mobile devices with the real world through interacting with and monitoring their environment.  

Example Project

Network Management

A customer needed a faster, more reliable method for monitoring the hundreds of devices on their network.  We were tasked with upgrading an older MySQL-based system to a modern system that would be easier to maintain and provide more flexible notification options.

One goal of the project was to be completely web-based, with every option configurable from the web interface.  Another goal was at least a 10x improvement in performance from the older Python-based system.  We settled on a best-of-breed solution using the following technologies:


We implemented both the web back-end and the testing system in Node.js.  The asynchronous nature of Node.js provided the 10x performance desired by making it trivial to make a down device non-blocking to the system.  


The front-end used Angular.js to build a clean, simple web interface.  Angular.js simplified the layout and the implementation of user functions.


The database functions were handled by MongoDB.  The system performs hundreds of test per minute and MongoDB provides the flexibility to grow the dataset for years without concern.

The results is an affordable, flexible device monitoring and management system.



Design process

Anglin Analytics only works with a small handful of clients at one time.  This one-on-one attention insures the project will be exactly what the customer needs, but puts limits on developer availability.  It is important to contact us early as possible to make sure we have the correct resources available for your project.


commercial products

Anglin Analytics will soon release its first commercial product, an iOS app to simplify tracking and billing of time by technical professionals.  Watch this space for updates.

About Anglin Analytics


Anglin Analytics can trace its origins to 1996, when Larry Anglin left the corporate world to establish his first of a string of technology companies, Hometown Computing.  Founded to bring internet service to rural Central Texas, that company grew to become, Inc., a major provider of wired and wireless internet services. expanded into educational sales and was three times the Mimio partner of the year for their line of interactive whiteboards., Inc. was eventually spun off and absorbed into Anglin Analytics, a new venture focused on delivering high-quality software solving real-world problems on iOS and web platforms.